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    Building a Room Addition can be one of the best investments you can make in your home. Building a room addition, such as a family room addition, or bonus room can add wonderful new living space to your home.

    However, prior to starting a room addition, a homeowner should first formulate a room addition plan. There are several key factors that should be considered prior to breaking ground.

exantus construction reviews

    When planning a room addition, the permit / inspection process will typically include an overall building permit, as well as electric, plumbing, and insulation permits. In order to complete the building permit process you will need drawings or sketches of the room addition.

    Besides overall sketches of the room addition with overall dimensions, the drawings will also need to include cross-sectional views showing the framing type and physical sizes of floor joists, roof rafters, and wall framing construction.



Additions and Carports

Additions and Carports
All of our work is performed in strict accordance with Florida Building Code and the Florida Statutes.

Whether this is your first time undertaking a construction project, or if this is just another commercial build-out, Exantus Construction Reviews will be sure the work is done in accordance with the laws and codes.

Allow us to build your addition, carport, porch and any remodeling project you may have. Our company is licensed for all trades of work; from plumbing and structural, to mechanical, electrical and roofing.

Being that we are so close with our architect, change orders & corrections to the designs can be accomodated within days.

About Us

By working directly with us, we act as your liaison when working with architects, engineers and building authorities. The foundation of any relationship rests in solid communications. Not only will we keep you thoroughly informed every step of the way, we will respond to your every question, so you can be secure in our professional guidance and so we can keep your best interests a priority for everyone involved.

Supported by talented and experienced field and office staff, the trained professionals of Exantus Construction Reviews complete your job in a timely, professional and expedient manner.

We do this by becoming thoroughly aware of your needs as a client right from the beginning. We stay in constant communication with you throughout the project. We use state-of-the art communication equipment so that the office staff and field supervisors stay in constant update with each other.

Just Some of The Services That We Provide exantus construction greg

- New Construction
- Carports, Garages, Driveways, Porches
- Porch Addition
- Tenant Improvements
- Office Build-Outs
- Remodeling
- Additions
- Renovations
- Custom Addition
- Roofing
- Building Exterior
- Building Interior
- Electrical
exantus construction reviews - Air Conditioning
- Plumbing
- Walls and Ceilings
- Painting and Wall coverings
- Floors
- Window Replacement
- Bathroom Addition
- Kitchen Addition
- Bedroom Addition
- Garage Addition
- Driveways/Sidewalks
- Patios/Decking
- Pools and Jacuzzis
- Screen Enclosure
- Fire and Water Damage Repairs
- Vandalism Repairs
- And More!!!


Three Steps To Getting Started

Step One - A project coordinator meets with you to discuss the scope of your project, possible design solutions, a realistic budget, and a construction timeframe.

Step Two - After the contract is signed, you can provide us with your own architectural and engineering plans, or we can use our architect. Our architect and your project coordinator work with you to explore your needs and priorities, take measurements and photos and draw the Plans.

Step Three - Exantus Construction gathers the working plans, scope of work, and specifications for your approval.

Once Everything is in order, the package is submitted to your municipality's Building Department for reviews and Permit Issuance.


Architects & Engineers

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We only work with the quickest and most knowledgable Architects & Civil Engineers in the area. Competent Architects are key to making the Designing, Planning & Permitting process a breeze.



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